sometimes when i listen to Good Luck i feel really bad for Mike Harpring

April 28, 2015


because, simply due to lack of familiarity with him, he is my least favourite member of the band.

i’m like “Matt Tobey” *swoon*

“Ginger Alford” *swoon*

“Mike Harpring… i think that’s his name.”

and i just feel terrible. but not being a singer in the band, he gets less attention than the other bandmembers, and i’m also familiar with other projects both Matt and Ginger have done, but Good Luck is the only band of Mike’s that i’m familiar with at all.

so Mike Harpring, if you ever read this: i am terribly sorry and i think you are a wonderful drummer. i wish i was more familiar with you.

This was funny to find. But It’s okay. :)

If you wish to know EVERYTHING about me in a verbose interview feel free to read this:

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@laurenthebird @dolphindegeorge @pauldegeorge…

April 27, 2015

@laurenthebird @dolphindegeorge @pauldegeorge @harryandthepotters #gooprealm5000

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Omg. Hi is this my life? #awholenewworld @gracehelbig…

April 26, 2015

Omg. Hi is this my life? #awholenewworld @gracehelbig @tyleroakley @mydrunkkitchen @hankgreen @andrewismusic @wheezywaiter @harryandthepotters @dolphindegeorge

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Podcast Because Awesome

April 23, 2015


Hank Green has been documenting our tour with a new podcast. So if you want to listen to a bunch of goofs doing their goof thing, there are 4 episodes and more to come. Subscribe on iTunes

A slice of what our tour is like right now.

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Ghost church, Asheville, NC.

April 15, 2015

Ghost church, Asheville, NC.

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